The project

The combination of Ghanaian traditional architecture and some contemporary techniques and the environmental sustainability was the first goal of the design procedure.

The form of the building, inspired from Asante traditional architecture, allows the maximum ventilation and the segmentation of the classroom. Creating a big and brighter room. While the bamboo partitions can be folded away for more space.

Another element of inspiration from the culture of Ghana is the Asante symbol that is being used to create a motif that will be used decorating the walls and  windows.The earth, the motif and the local building techniques will give us the uniqueness that this classroom needs.

All the materials needed for the construction will be purchased locally. We will be using earth, bamboo and plastic/glass bottles for the construction of the classrooms. It is a low cost solution and provide with a simple construction technique. Due to the bad economy and the necessary reduction of raw materials in the area, a“bottle-brick” technique was chosen for the construction of the classrooms. This technique combines the materials mentioned earlier and can provide a strong structure. Plus you don’t have to wait for it to dry – it is a fast hands-on technique – and very simple to learn.


  • katochuntitled-2classrooms

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