The project site/life in Abetenim

Life in Abetenim

(Abetenim means village of palm trees because of the many palm trees in the land)

Abetenim Village is in the Ejisu-Juaben District in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, about 40 kilometres from Kumasi, which is the second largest city in Ghana. Abetenim occupies a geographical area of about 4km by 5km with most of the land covered by green vegetation. Abetenim’s inhabitants are mainly families, the atmosphere is really friendly and quiet.

Sang is a rural township, about 5km (3miles) from Abetenim, and it has public water and electricity, a government hospital, banks, library, Courthouse, oil mill and vocational schools. There are also churches and other amenities typical of a growing township.


How to reach the site

All international flights arrive at Accra’s Kotoka International airport. If you will be arriving in the evening hours at Accra’s Kotoka a hotel room to pass the night will be in order and you will continue your journey at Abetenim the following day. You can reach Kumasi by bus (or by internal flight but is more expensive) and someone will be there for your pickup and bring you to the Abetenim village.



In general, Guesthouses are located in the Abetenim Arts Village at highly subsidized cost to participants. There are 9 guesthouses, they have running water and electricity. At the site, you can access the Internet with a pen drive wireless connection. There is a kitchen for the workshop group to cook their food but also the site has a local cook that can prepare the meal for the workshop team. Homestay with a local family can be arranged for cultural immersion if someone is interested to. Additionally, for those interested in upscale accommodation can stay at a newly build Guesthouse at Juaben Township, about 5 km from Abetenim.


Τhree other building workshops are going to take part the same period with as also.

If you have any questions about the place and your trip there, please contact us.

The workshop team.





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