Time for Update

4 weeks since the start of HA|SC workshop.

Our workshop has successfully started on the 2nd of July with 7 volunteers and the help of the Sang community. The change of the venue occurred because of some political disagreements between the chiefs of the Ashanti district. Sang village, is located in the Northern Region of Ghana and has approximately 10.000 habitats; most of them are youth under 25 years old. The people here make their living through farming and agriculture while the majority of them, 78%, are living below the poverty line.

The people of the Sang community are friendly and they welcomed us warmly, as also the community coordinators Pastor, Adam and Kofi. As the days passed more volunteers joined our team and until now we count 14 volunteers. With all the effort of our volunteers, the community members and a local craftsman, we managed to complete the foundation, the base of the walls and the flooring. We are almost ready to put the wooden pillars and build the eco-walls! In the meanwhile we have already started filling the plastic bottles with earth!

Many community members take part in the construction procedure in different ways -especially the children who help us a lot with filling the bottles! One of our challenges is to integrate more community members in the construction of the classroom and teach them the building techniques.

The local dialect in Sang is Dagbani, and if you want to say “good morning” you have to say “Dasiba” and take the reply “Naaaaa”. Last but not least, we would like to thank for participating in HA|SC workshop our three volunteers that have already left; Irene, Dimitris, Christos, Marisa, Evdokia, Konstantinos, Kostas Kanellakis, Sofia and Ignacio.

All of you made a great contribution to HA|SC project!! Thank you! 🙂

…To be continued with more updates.

The HA|SC project team.


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