A school for Ghana, is a project that has been distinguished from the 4th Architecture Competition by Nka Foundation.

A cluster of classrooms, part of a school campus is going to be built in rural Ghana where there is no infrastructure.The children do not have local access to secondary school education so must walk prohibitive distances to access the few schools that do exist. By building a local secondary school, the children can continue their education in their hometown.  The Workshop is going to take place at Abetenim Village near Kumasi town in the Ashanti Region of Ghana at 1st  of July to 23rd of September 2017.

Join our team to help us build a classroom in cooperation with community labor of Ghana, using both traditional and contemporary building techniques and local methods of construction. You will gain hands-on experience on earth-handmade-construction by using local and recycled materials. Also in-depth, an understanding of the local culture.

Workshop Leaders:

Lida Lioupi (graduate architect AUTH, Greece)


Penny Stergiopoulou(undergraduate architecture student AUTH, Greece)


in cooperation with